Vedic Astrology Mini-Course

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Course Description

This is a mini-course based on Vedic Astrology. But the best thing about this course is that it you’ll get something interesting and useful that you can directly apply in your life and that of people around you.

Whether you have already fair knowledge of astrology or even if you have absolutely no background of astrology, this course will offer equally interesting information and value.

In this course you will learn

  • Just as the white light is composed of 7 main colours, our energy is also composed of 7 main energy frequencies, which we can call 7 planetary energies.
  •  What powers and qualities each of these 7 frequencies give you. And what it would mean if you are lacking in one or more frequencies.
  • You will learn how, using only the sign of someone you can understand a person, who they are, what they want and what is the key to reach their heart.
  • Identify blocked energy at different chakras and learn what you can do to dissolve those blocks.